Couple's Night

Had such a great time with these two couples! It had a been a loooong time since my husband and I got to go out just the two of us. Lilly Nicole stayed at her "adoptive" family's place. Couldn't have asked for anything better. (Teri you're AWESOME)
top: J.crew, cardi: NY&Co, jeans:2BW/U  shoes: Dollhouse
 This is the only picture I could use to show you guys my outfit. We were in the middle of my "photo shoot" when they turned off the lights.. oh well, you can at least see most of it.
The whole weekend was awesome! I'm a bit behind on the days, but I've been enjoy it.
Hope you guys did too. smiley face.


veg4life said...

Love the whole outfit! cute cute cute! was the jcrew thrifted? I never buy there, it seems pricey. Im a BRepublic sales type of girl. :)

Beverly said...

Beca!! you bet it was (thrifted) it is a bit high for me too.. but they have the cutest stuff all the day.. :D