My Monday was very busy and wet.. it has been raining on and off making the weather unbearable. However, here I am wearing blue jeans and my new wedges.
 top: Gifted (mom), jeans: Levi, wedges: BCBG
 Let me tell you the story of how I got them.. well, I have not yet gone shopping for any new stuff (except for the shoes I'm telling you about) I had been eyeing these jewels for some time now and since I was taking the challenge  I couldn't spend my money plus I felt they were a bit over my price range for yet another pair of wedges. 
I received a mysterious 40 bucks from someone (??) and my first thought was..well second thought was I'll get my wedges. Happy Face.
First thought was; is this a donation for my blog from a mysterious follower? I really think so, because of my second thought. So now you know how I got my precious wedges.

I guess now I can say "I had my first Sponsor".


Anonymous said...

Very cute. I Love your blog. Hey. Check out my blog and follow me if you like it as much as like yours!!

veg4life said...

Really like the purse! it's RED! :) How'd they know how to send u money anyway....that's cool dude