top: Thrifted (Gap), shorts: Express, sandals: ALDO, belt: Thrifted 
 "My flamingo pose" 
I was wondering if I had worn this outfit already and apparently I have not. uhh..mm.. why not??
This is by far the most easy and comfortable, yet a bit dressy outfit of the entire 30x30 summer edition. I could see my self wearing it everyday, but washing it everyday would not be good to the fabric, so maybe I will wear it often. I had to run some errands today, so wearing sandals was a must, and also Lilly Nicole didn't feel like walking part of the day. So another +1 for this outfit!

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designgirl said...

I love the classics and this outfit is classic perfection! Sooo cute...I amy have to stea...um...cop...um..borrow. ;)

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