Almost But Not

top:Thrifted, belt: Gift (Mom), skirt:Old Navy, shoes: CityStreet

My outfit is almost similar to the one I wore many Sabbath's ago, but if you pay attention there are quite few differences. To be honest I think I like this way better, I guess because I'm a sucker for wide belts, well almost any kind of belts actually. Smiley face.
Ladies today I will keep it short and simple, gotta make my way outside with my "adoptive" family who's at the pool, enjoying today's weather.
Had a good time with friends late last night.. but I'll leave it at that. I will post pictures of last night on the next post.
Enjoy your Sunday!


Lydia Marie said...

I love the printed top! And I definitely agree that belts make everything better.

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Beverly said...

Thank you Lydia, I really enjoy "belting" most outfits. xo

veg4life said...

I like it with a belt. but i would've worn it with a thin each her own! :)