Lauren Conrad Dress

 I got this Lauren Conrad dress from "DC" (Dirt Cheap), but I had to fix the zipper, which was no big deal. I finally decided to do it, since I got the dress more than three weeks ago. Anyhow, here you have it.
 jacket: Gap, dress, hat & converse: DC, 
 This combination was definitely not my first choice, but somehow it's starting to grow on me. I'm not to much into the "converse look" however, wearing converse can be very comfortable.
The hat is a new addition to my look and I'm totally up to adding new options to my closet. 
Just another try on going outside my box. 
What ya think?

Enjoy your Friday!

I blame the converse! 



wow that looks great!!

Beverly said...

Thank you Siena! Enjoy your weekend xo

Mari said...

I love the hat. You look very very cool.


-La Copine


Cara said...

I love this outfit, its the definition of cute comfort! Adorable hat, definitely wear it often :) You also reminded me that I have a zipper to fix myself.

Beverly said...

thank you ladies! xo