Check out my outfit... LOVE IT!
top: Walmart, skirt: Made by me, shoes: Report, belt: Thrifted
and check my little munchkin.. wanting to be in the pictures.. 
and check me.. acting like a crazy person... having fun though :D
we're all entitle to a little madness once in a while..
and you can also tell it's contagious.. check Lilly's face.. she was trying to copy my pose on next picture..  :)
She got to be in the pictures, why not? she wanted to show her outfit too.. although she was missing her shoes..
Me: "Lilly where are your shoes"
Lilly: " umm no know mom"  MOM???? (yup.. she calls me "mom", she's a two year old and she calls me mom??..what happen to the sweeter and more tender word... mami?)
I'll be ok.. mami, mom, mother, whatever she calls me it'll be ok.
Enjoy your weekend lovelies.


Cait said...

I love this outfit. That skirt and those wedges, I wish they were in my closet. And I love Xenia too! Cute blog!

Michelle Lee said...

lovely outfit :)

Lili said...

You got the twirling down, girl :-D I always suck at those and end up being dizzy ^^ I think Mami has a nicer ring than Mom, too, but then again we Germans call our mothers Mama or Mami anyway. Mom is unheard of, there's just an old-fashioned "Mutti" :-) My mother hates that!

Relatable Style

Virginie's Cinema said...

I can totally understand why you love this outfit, it's awesome! The chambray with the bright pink, the organic feel of the heels and the flower pin... swoon!

I love that you made the skirt yourself too :)


BABI said...

cute pictures! i like your pretty in pink skirt!

Beverly said...

Thank you girls! xo