Humid.. blah

dress: Ross, jacket: Thrifted (Gap), wedges: Dollhouse, belt: DC

I curled my hair this morning, it looked pretty good, until I step outside. My hair went from curly to straight, and now it looks kinda wavy. So I did what I know best.. I just put it up.
I rather just not think about how I spend few minutes of my day to curl my hair and just like that have to put it up in a bun..yup I rather not think about it. What a waste! sad face.
In the other hand, I am very happy to tell you, I wore this white dress and it stay pretty white the entire day.. I was proud of myself.. and Lilly for that matter. Yay!! Seriously it's a great feeling. It means two things;
1) Lilly is getting older and  she's being more careful with herself by not getting dirty.
2) Lilly is getting older! OMgoshh!!
She had some oreos for snack in some part of the day, all I had to clean was around her mouth and one hand! I am amazed, or maybe I just notice it since I'm actually thinking about it as I tell you. 
Where is time going?? Why does it go by so fast? Well I am glad she is growing nice and healthy though.
I hope you enjoy your weekend ladies, have fun and be safe.


Stylepint said...

Great summer outfit! I wish I had the patience to curl my hair, it ends up uneven and not so curly so I stopped trying. lol. =P

Beverly said...

i like your hair cut though.. :)