jacket & top: Gap, skirt: Self Made, shoes: Dollhouse, scarf: DC, belt: NY&Co

I had this skirt in mind since yesterday and I wanted to wear it with this belt. I really like the combination, unfortunately these pictures are not doing any justice to my outfit. I hope you can see what I'm talking about. Also the hot pink and cobalt blue is a must this summer for me. Bring on the colors! 

Moving on, you might be wondering who is this "little" girl on the picture above? Well this is Emilce, I had mentioned her before here. Well both of us had to be at church this afternoon to practice (as you can see in the last picture) We are singing few songs for worship, but the one we were working on was Blessed Redeemer by Casting Crowns. It is such a beautiful song. 
Anyways, while taking a singing/potty break, I braided Emilce's hair. It looks pretty cute! To bad I can't do it on myself... Doesn't it look super cute on her? Also adding soft curls on the ends would look even better...
 T O T A L L Y!

Ladies, I hope you are enjoying your 30x30 so far, it's been 4/30 for me and I am loving the experience completely. I guess my closet and my mind needed to mature more on the original meaning of the 30x30 challenge that Kendi, (Entrepreneur and CEO of the 30x30 Challenge.. that's what I say) started, and now it benefits us all (fellow remixers) Tell me you're don't feel in total control of yourself?? I most certainly do. 
How is your experience coming? I really would like to know.


Stylepint said...

LOVE the bright colors on you! I'm doing the challenge too and I'm having a harder time selecting outfits since I didn't check to make sure my pieces matched. lol =)

veg4life said...

So loving it! bring on the colors!! Casting crowns is coming to hammond next weekend. We should meet up there!