About a Movie

 top: ?, white denim: MOS, shoes : Dollhouse (the purple heels)

We went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, since both my kids (Lilly Nicole & my husband) wanted to see it, I almost let them go on their own, so I could go and watch  "Something Borrowed", but my hubby say "this is a family movie, come with us".. so like a good wife and mother that I am, I said "fine"and we all watched Kong Fu Panda. It was good I have to admit, although there were parts of the movie Lilly lost interest over. However, there were many fighting scenes, which she got to enjoyed. We all had a good time. I will probably wait for Something Borrowed on Netflix or Red box, which ever one gets it first.


designgirl said...

Love it! It reminds me of this outfit from Anthro that I have been wanting to recreate for some time now. Perfect for movie night (or date night)!

Style in General

Beverly said...

Oooh I also like the outfit from Anthro, my outfit does look a like. Although, I really like the her top better than mine to be honest. :D