Polka dots

 top: Thrifted, shorts: Express, shoes: Citystreets, belt: Ninewest

This outfit screams 9-5 doesn't it? The shorts make it more casual, but nonetheless it's still a pretty dressy outfit. Seven down and counting girls, I can't believe how easy this challenge is looking for me. Well, I have to wait until I'm in my 15th outfit, maybe by then I will start to come up with some crazy combinations..or maybe I should say with more innovative combinations.


Anonymous said...

Bev, I think your outfit is classy and very well coordinated. I think it's just as easy to put nice pieces on than throwing on the ol' shorts and tee. Last challenge I freaked out on day 5 - this one is easier (thus far!) probably because I've been reading blogs a lot. Definitely a great learning tool. Love my personal style bloggers!!!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

I love your top.


Beverly said...

Thank you Amy, it was a good thrift find.

design girl said...

Very nice, classic outfit. Just the right mix of pattern and color. Super cute shoes, too!

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