Chocolate Craving

 top:Self Made, skirt: Old Navy, belt: NY&Co, shoes: Paprika

Yes I'm craving chocolate!! it's that time of the month.. 
Okay, maybe I'm over reacting a little bit, but I really do want some chocolate, or chocolate cake, or ice cream or all of the above. 
I know I shouldn't, since I don't need the extra calories and I can see my pouch on the pictures above, I should've worn some Spanx with this skirt.. but the chocolate calories are excusable. Plus I think my husband's starting to train for a marathon, so I could start running with him too.. yeah I'll do that so now let me run to the store and get some goods for my uncontrollable addictions to chocolate.

PS. I love my shoes by the way!! they're a bit high and make my gastrocnemius show, I still love 'em!


Meredith said...

you made that top?? love it. and i hope you get your hands on some chocolate soon;)

Beverly said...

I did get my hands on chocolate and some ice cream. My top was actually going to be a dress but it never got to that point. Let's just say that is an open project.

veg4life said...

Did u make the top? its pretty! and don't be ashamed of your gastrocnemiuses! :)