Indian Dinner

Went to dinner with family and friends to a Indian restaurant. It was our first time there, but we had heard of it before. I really like the mango drink I order, well.. after trying some from D's (she had order her drink before we got there) D and her husband had been there before and they suggested we try it.. I had eaten Indian before at Rabi's house, so I kinda knew what type of flavor the food was going to have.
 Indian food is made with lots of spices, mainly used in their curry. If you haven't try it yet, I suggest you do. Start introducing your taste buds to different flavors. You'll find it fascinating.
I didn't take a picture of my outfit, since I was feeling a bit blah. I had just woken up from a nap, I think you can notice it too. So I decided to just share with you pictures of our night. That's how my weekend ended. :)
How was your weekend? And are you looking forward this week? 
We'll see what this week brings us.

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