Making Shorts

Going sowing machine crazy, yesterday I was "teaching" (mostly learning) how to make a long skit, to Teri's daughter Shelby. They had bought a pattern and to be honest, it said it was simple, but oh boy... we worked on that skirt the WHOLE day.. in the end though it turn out good. I need to take a picture of our finished product. I had a good time, Shelby and I had some good laughs. Love you Shelby!
 Anyways, on with my outfit, the shorts were pretty easy to combine. I turned these pants into shorts and this is how they look now.

 blazer: DC (apostrophe), shorts (jeans tuned into shorts): Paris Blues, scarf: LOFT, belt: Thrifted, shoes: Dollhouse
 My husband: "Why don't you wear another pair of shoes?"
Me: "why, what's wrong with these?"
Husband: "It's not like you don't have fifty pairs in your closet!"
Well true, I do have a few pairs to choose from, but I'm in love this week with these pair.. also the blazer, I'm sure you can tell by now, being the second time that I'm wearing it, in the same week. I'm breaking rules here people.

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Michelle Lee said...

love your wedge
great outfit :)