Gingham Shirt

top: Lands'end (DC),jeans: 2BW/U, wedges: Report

This is my bad hair day, even though it could be "ok" if I just call it messy bun or I should say lazy bum (since I didn't do anything to it) Anyhow, the wind had its way with my hair in the end.
This outfit reminds me of something a mom would wear, don't ask me why, because I really don't know? Maybe because it's a pretty plain and simple outfit. I don't know.. That's why I wore wedges instead of sandals, I don't want to be a typical mom, if you know what I mean.



thank you for your comment!exactly I was saying that this little princess is so cute and the post is this time about food and not clothing:)
Have nice day!!;)

Stylepint said...

I love the print of your shirt and the outfit is simple but it packs a punch! =)

Cara said...

Loving your shoes, I have almost the exact shirt from Target. I'm remixing too! We'll see what happens next week when things start to get interesting :)

veg4life said...

i looove those shoes!!