Fashionably Comfortable

blazer: DC (apostrophe), top: Thrifted, shorts: Express, belt: Nine West, shoes: Guess

Loving my outfit! It has everything I look for in an outfit; the whole dressy and comfortableness of it... well I know I usually don't combine the both on every outfit I put together, but with this one I actually did and I am very much loving it. It is hard to be comfortable while trying to wear the latest trend that the fashion industry presents. However, there are times we can sneaks some outfits and still feel like we're "in". I do have to say high heels do make a huge difference, they can turn an outfit from casual to classy. I know high heels can be painful after a few hours, but it's what we women do for the love of fashion...and vanity.. and feeling good.. ok.. maybe not everyone agrees with me but I'm just being honest and there's no crime in that, is there?
 Don't judge..

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Lili said...

I love your outfit, too! :-D I think the shorts really have the perfect length for you :-)

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