Rain.. ugh.

top: Walmart, dress: Ross, shoes: Report
Today it's been raining, and as I mentioned on my last post, I was suppose to do A LOT of errands. Unfortunately, the weather was not on my side. Oh well, maybe tomorrow I'll be able to accomplish everything I had plan for today.
Anyways, days like this happen and even if you try to do everything on your check list, sometimes is just not possible. 
Oh guess what?! I found the dress and its beautiful!! It was definitely love at first sight try. It looks super gorgeous and it fits wonderfully. However, the bride needs to give me the approval, I tried quite a few on and I did like another one, but they don't have it in the color Jen picked. We shall see what she approves of, since I send her six options to choose from.. She's the bride and I'm here to please her!
Anyways my lovelies, tomorrow is Friday!!


Mimi said...

Hooray for finding the dress! And I love this look. The denim top tied like that is perfect for a spring day;)

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Beverly said...

Thank you Mimi! hey I'm following you on Bloglovin :)

Marie said...

Adorable! Great job. The shoes are super cool! And of course I always love a tied top :) SO cute.

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