Double YAY!

Today I had some "time-off" well kindda.. time off from running errands for my hubs, so I ran my own errands HA!
 However, I sacrificed a little bit of that time to do a tiny shopping for moi...and Lilly (apparently she wanted some shoes too) She also picked the shoes herself, they're cute! what can I say?'s in her genes :D

 I had posted a picture of Jimmy Choo's wedges earlier, and like I said before I REALLY LIKE WANT them!!! Since then they've been on my mind, so when I saw these wedges from Dollhouse I was HAPPY!! (exclamation marks means *extra happy*)

 So Yay for me and my wallet!! we're still on speaking terms because of fabulous Ross  but, that's not the end of my wonderful Friday..I got another pair of wedges...I know..what about saving some $$?? Well I had seen these Guess wedges a while back when Beca and Jessica were here.

 But, they were still a bit high for me.. so today I passed and looked at them like a high school girl looks at her crush... with the eyes all the way to the corner of your eye socket..well you guys know how..hahaha.. don't lie... :D
 I saw the price had been marked down for me! YAY!!! these babies were only $10.00..I was like... SWEET!!!! *high pitch*
 So double YAY from me.. I got my hubs a little some thing too.
Anyhow, about my outfit and pictures, I'm doing this for my hubby..he wanted some movement on the pictures.
 top: Ross, denim jacket: Thrifted (Gap), skirt: Target (DC), shoes: Ross (Guess)
I know this girl who always wears her denim jacket, whether it's cold or hot, she always has it on..I can see why, this sucker is nice! I just want to wear mine all the time, it's my newest thrifted item and I'm in love with it.

I truly enjoyed my Friday with Lilly..just the two of us.
 Anyways ladies, tomorrow I'm wearing a skirt totally out my comfort zone, but I'm all about trying new things and stepping out of my "normal/comfort/will I dare to wear that?" zone.
Happy Sabbath my lovelies!



I love wedges!!!yours are great

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