Outside my box

 top: Ross, vest: MOS, belt: Nine West, skirt: Thrifted (Lapis), shoes: Chinese Laundry 

This is the skirt I mentioned on my last post, as you may notice it's flowy and not really the type of skirt I would go for, but I had seen this style on Andy from Style Scrapbook, I'm sure you might know who she is and I wanted to wear it too... or at least try it on me. I really like her style. I guess I have a girl crush on Andy because for the most part I want to try on most of the outfits she posts.
So carrying on with my outfit, I saw the skirt at the good 'ol GW (Goodwill) and I thought "well this is kindda like Andy's skirt only a bit shorter" so I bought it. The only thing is, I'm actually wearing it backwards.
This skirt has two layers, black and green. The black layer goes on top of the green but I didn't really like how it looked on me. So I tucked in the black layer and voilà! (I might wear it how it suppose to go later on..maybe) I do love my pencil skirts thought... I might however just start to try on different styles on skirts... well..maybe..this thing of stepping "outside the box" can be a bit hard. But I'm trying, gimme a little credit for it. 


From Suns To Moons said...

I may have to continue the line of copycats and find a similar skirt for myself! Yours is such a bright green, a modest length, and a flowy drape. Simply gorgeous.

Beverly said...

you may copy away lady!! ...after all that's fashion :D

Anonymous said...

I'd love to use your photo in an upcoming post about pleated skirts! Great style and fabulous skirt!

Lili said...

I think I've already commented on this, but my computer messed up and lost it. But that's good, as I can let you know now that I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Come over and check it out!
Oh, and my actual comment was that I very much like that skirt on you. It gives nice proportions, and you certainly have the legs to wear that length! :-)

veg4life said...

LOVE THE SKIRT!! so so cute and flowy. You should wear it more often