Multicolor outfit

Jacket: Chadwick's, top: NY&Co, skirt: Thrifted (Old Navy), shoes: Steve Madden, belt: Nine West

It was a "different" Saturday for us, but none the less it was a blessing and I'm thankful for it. 
As you can see this is what I wore to church this Sabbath. The outfit kindda looks like I've wore it before, but it's a bit different. My hubs told me "aren't you wearing too many color there?" Well my outfit only has 5 different colors and they all happen to go together. There is "rule" of wearing no more than three color in an outfit. I definitely broke that rule!
The skirt is blue with thin lines by the way, but they're barely visible. Anyways, ya'll already know I'm a rule breaker and proud!
Now, about my hair, well I curled it with my flat iron, (something I learned at the mall). The curl last quite some time, and it takes me less time to curl it with the flat iron, than with my curling iron. So now, I want to curl my hair ALL the time.
Well girls I hope you enjoy your Sunday! 


Anonymous said...

You look fabulous and could probably get away with breaking every rule in the book.

Beverly said...

Aww Kris thanks! Ditto!!!

Natasha said...

What fabulous use of colour! Brights are always the best!!

Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired