Pillow(s) Project

I wish I could say I wore this outfit to a cafe or something...but no, we just went to the store got some "junk food", rented a movie and snapped these pictures and came home. (sorry there's only two)
top: Thrifted, jeans: Almost Famous, shoes: Dollhouse, vest: MOS (I love my hair here)
 Once we got home, made some pop corn (hot air popper) and started on my pillow project. I had mention to you I was designing a room for a 12 year old girl, well I had the curtains made by a professional, but I thought I could same some money on the pillow covers. So here is what I did..
 I went online, found this lovely lady, Vanessa on YouTube and follow her step by step. Nowadays anyone can sew, just find a good website and you can do wonders..well at least I tried. 
 It was very simple and I really like my results, I like it so much I'm doing two more today.

This is the fabric I'm working with, Crystal (the 12 yr old) likes gray and pink so here is a sneak peek of the fabric I chose for her room. The fabric in the very background is actually the curtains. I saw it at Hancock Fabrics, and I love it. The fabric has the color she likes and some colors go with the rest of the decor in the house. 
I hope your Monday is as excited as mine. Enjoy it ladies.


Marie said...

Aw great job with the pillow! And your outfit is so cute, way to get dressed up just to grab some junk food :)

So What If I Like Pretty Things

veg4life said...

Bevs, I love love love those jeans! Where'd u find them?? They are cute on you too