The Race

All registered for the race and I bet a bit nervous if you ask me..
 the girls and I went to wally world to get some stuff and show our support to the runner..
 Di showing the love of course..
 Don't ask me what time this was, I was still half a sleep..
 and without any warning, off they went.. run Javi!!

 We were waiting for him half way to cheer him on, he had told us he'd be there two hours after the race started and when we got there we waited anxiously for him and he never came.. he was sooner than what he had anticipated. Go Javi!
 So we went to look for him.. when we saw him we were more excited, so much we almost forgot the posters!

Good job!! This was one of my favorites pictures and moments, it might be just me but, it was a bit emotional at the end, I had to put it together because Di was crying. 
  Achievement... what great feeling..

 The support group.. 
Good job Javier Diaz! It's very inspiring.

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