dress: DC, blazer: Thrifted (Victoria's Secrete), sandals: Chinese Laundry 

I missed y'all! I've been wanting to post but timing is never right.. Anyhow, I'm not making excuses anymore and here I am posting again. 
Well, a lot has happen in the last days, we went to the beach last weekend, I'm sure you notice my tan. We all had a great time, we had never been to Navarre Beach. The weather was awesome and the water was super clear, also the first day there, Dolphins came to greet us.. (I like to think that..) My husband got super close to them since I was a chicken and decided to stay closer to the beach shore. I did see what they were hunting though. (HUGE fish). 
We enjoyed it a lot, I wish I had more pictures to show you but I will definitely post the ones I have soon.
Also my mom is here visiting us from Mexico.. finally! It was about time she came to see us, I really missed her. I told her she could check my closet and she could wear whatever she wanted. happy face.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend ladies!


Lilly's Style said...

LOVE that dress, so pretty! It goes so well with the white blazer.
Looking fabulous!

Beverly said...

Thank you Lilly! I this blazer is one of my favorite items right now, it's a off white but it goes well with a lot of other items in my closet. I'm thinking about pairing it with some pants too. xo

cryskay said...

your dress is darling! xx