The New Project: Living Room Chairs

I bought two of these Drexel Furniture Co. chairs from a lady who sold them to me for a total of $75 for both! I was super happy for the deal she gave me and even more when I went to pick them up these beauties where heavy and when I sat on them they were comfortable! Thankfully my husband was there to help me, we both knew these chairs were good quality.
 I've been wanting to add more seating to my small living room, since I only have a small turquoise sofa. 
However, the fabric is in bad shape, I expected much since these chairs are from 1960's. The fabric was rough, but the wood, both cushions and the chairs' springs are still in great condition. I will reupholster them, sand the wood and restain it. Hopefully this chairs project comes out good. I also did a bit of research on the drexel furniture company, to learn a bit more about these american made furniture pieces.
 There will be pictures coming soon, as the project begins. Meanwhile, here are some ideas for the new fabric. I'm trying to stay in the neutral colors, so there can be room for different types of color, designs and patterns added by the throw pillows.

Images via Pinterest

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