The One

This is how the search for the right tree started. Lilly has been asking "When are we doing Christmas?"
This Christmas will be a bit more "celebrated" now that Lilly understands it more. In the past I only did few decorations here and there, but the importance of having a tree and decorating it is more meaningful as Lilly gets older. 
When we got there the owners had a little pony and well we actually had to pull her from there to actually go and search for the tree.
 She found it and wanted to cut it... well help cut it. She tried and then said "Daddy this is really hard" 
Daddy and Lilly cut the tree together in the end. You can see it on her face, it was a workout for her! :D

It's now in our living room with some lights we added. Lilly and I still have to decorated it. I love the smell of pine by the way, but more importantly I love the happiness this tree brings to my little girl. 
This tradition of cutting the tree has been on my mind even before Lilly was born. I've been waiting to start it in our family. It will bring many special memories for us but mainly for her as she grows.

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